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Where do I begin? Buying a home that meets your needs and is a good financial fit is easier said than done but after working with Garth and his dedicated company of professional associates it was a most gratifying experience.

Right from start to finish, Garth was there to take me through the process. He willingly took all the time I needed to look at everything that was available in my price range and met my list of requirements for what I wanted in my new home. Once, the decision had been made and the offer submitted, I was amazed at the speed at which he skillfully negotiated a final price - Booyah! Garth and his team helped me just breeze right through getting my Mortgage Broker, my Notary Public, Home Inspector, everything! Any questions I had were quickly and knowledgably answered. Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of my very own new home.

Even after the move, Garth and Rob came by to make sure everything was as it should be and that my son and I were settling in alright. They even checked out a concern I had with my roof. Talk about going above and beyond!

I would sincerely recommend Garth and the 3team to anyone in the market looking to buy or sell. They are professional, friendly, and caring, and definitely go more than the extra mile for their clients. They have assembled a first-rate group of professionals to take care of every aspect of the home ownership dynamic. When the time comes, I will be taking my business back to Garth and the 3team for my next home purchase.

Jocelyn Crouse - Salmon Arm, BC


I would like to thank Garth & the boys for their exceptional service.  They went above and beyond the call of REALTORS®.  Here is a portion of my story that best describes their character.  

We had just closed on our sale and were allowing the new owners to move in a day early since most of our things had been moved out.  I was staying there trying to clean up a few loose ends and was returning home from work on what would have been my last night at the homestead.  It snowed hard and unexpectedly that night and the road to Pinantan Lake was closed.  As I waited for hours I finally gave up and headed back to town.  I had called Garth to let him know the situation as I really had to get home that night to get the rest of our things.  He offered to let me stay the night at his home and try again in the morning.  I thanked him for the offer but proceeded to continue back into Kamloops and around to Pritchard to go the back way.

Consequently I had just gotten a cell phone and the only number I had with me, besides my new home number, was Garth's.  He had come into my work that day and I asked if he had a business card on him.  Our new number wasn't working yet so I couldn't even tell my wife the predicament.  Well, things got worse as I tried to make it through Pinantan to get to Pritchard.  The plow trucks were not able to get the back way plowed as they were still trying to unblock the main way.  I got stuck when I tried to turn around and slid slowly into the ditch.

The only number I had to call (other than 911) was Garth.  When I called him and asked if he had a 4x4 he laughed and agreed to come pull me out!  It was already 11 at night.

An hour later, Garth and Rob showed up with a truck, tow rope and a hot cup of coffee to warm me up.  They got me out and I made it home by 2:30 am.  Garth was back the next morning at 7:30 am to help me pack up.  Rob was also there to help the new owners move their things in.  I ran out of room in my van so Garth packed the rest his truck and brought it all the way out to Sorrento. 

Now whenever I introduce Garth to friends or associates, I introduce him as my friend, not just my REALTOR®.


I have no hesitation in recommending Garth and his team. We have done several Real Estate Transactions with Garth and every one of them was handled with the utmost of care. Garth's knowledge of the market conditions, negotiating skills, and marketing strategies were nothing short of exceptional.

We have recommended Garth, Dave and Rob to several friends and they have never been disappointed.

We just finished our 4th transaction and couldn't be happier. The entire team has a very relaxed approach with no pressure, are always available and quick to respond and they got back to us with feedback on every showing.

We value not only the professionalism but the great friendship.


Dave helped us find and purchase our new home after we relocated to Kamloops.  The service was very friendly, personalized and comprehensive throughout.  Dave (and his team) helped make what is typically a stressful experience into an enjoyable one, and we would strongly recommend that anyone buying a home give them a call.


My wife Lauren and I just sold our 2nd home with Dave, Rob, and Garth. When it came to selling, Dave and his team were fantastic and worked very hard at marketing our home.  Dave kept us informed and encouraged after every single showing that we had.  The communication was unbelievable,  and was definitely not our experience in the past with other REALTORS®.

When it came to buying, Dave’s knowledge of the Kamloops  market enabled us to find the perfect new home for our pending retirement. We never felt pressured and his patience and encouragement was very much appreciated.

A big Thank You to Dave, Rob, Garth and their team!


A very important person in my life is my friend and neighbor Rob Lambden.  Rob was the very first person I met when I moved to Kamloops.  Rob helps my mom and I with things when my dad is out of town or at work.  He helps us with things that my grandfather used to do when we lived in Calgary.  He is a Real Estate Agent and found our house for us when we moved to Kamloops.  Rob is very nice to me and I can come to him if I have a problem or if I need anything when my parents are not at home.  He helps us fix things at our house and looks after my dog when I have to go out of town to hockey tournaments.  Rob made me a basketball net when he found out I like basketball.  He is also teaching me to play drums.  That is something I have always wanted to learn.  He comes to watch my hockey games and lets me come over to his house to use his drums and play pool and darts.  Rob lets me swim in his pool in the summer so I can hang out with him and my mom and dad even though I have my own pool.  He always includes my sister and I in any event that he invites my parents to even though he does not have any kids of his own.  Last summer he trusted me enough to water his plants and feed his cat while he was away on holidays.  Rob is important to me because he has made it easier for me to move away from all of my other family in Calgary since I still have someone to help look after me.  When my dad worked out of town, Rob was like a second father to me.

Braeden Bartlett, age 11

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